Ever since the mid 80’s I’ve had a fantasy world building in my mind, and sometimes on paper.  Before that, journaling was a way to vent, and create poetry and prose.  Nothing ever came of it, seriously, until 9-1-1 happened.  That event sent me into a world of questions, that needed answering.

The nations were sent into a tailspin, of weakened spiritual and economic morale.  In 2006 I was forced to abandon a photography career.  Soon, OTR truck driving became a quick way to jump into a fairly good financial, comfort zone.

Along the way, while answering questions about what was in store for the world, I also found a place of deep thought, while driving long distances.  Being a spiritual person, I made the journey back toward God.  I eventually came to a place, where there was peace about what lay ahead.  Not that what I saw was all good.  It was that I had the strength to face a future, no matter the fear.

The fantasy world, of my mind, morphed in several phases along the way.  As time progressed, the understudy became something that begged to be written out.  I saw prophecy come alive, in a way that made perfect sense.  It was no longer an abstract, disconnected thing.

All inspired, prophecy is from God.  It should, and does fit together.  We can learn to recognize what is happening in the world around us and place it into seasons of time.  I began to write it all out, and along the way, God added some amazing insight.  That happens when you keep Him in total control.  When you let God be God, amazing things happen.

Today is the day!

What I thought was the distant future, is much closer.  What are the signs to look for?  How can we be ready?  Are we in a place where God can use us?  Once we know the season of the end-times we are in, how can we stay silent?

Seasons of Aliyah” is finally here.  A decade of searching has yielded some answers.  This book is an alternative to what is widely taught.  If you never can find prophecy that makes sense, try reading.  If what you see in the Bible doesn’t match up with what you’re hearing, give “Seasons” a try.  Available in Kindle, b&w and color paperback versions, on Amazon.


We are a ministry devoted to discovering how God can speak to us, and through us.  He rewards those who genuinely seek Him.  Follow me on this journey, as He entrusts us with secrets.  You will  hear end-times prophecy, like you never have!