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A Wakeup Call

Imagine waking up one day and realizing that the world is now a radically different place.  You blew it.  You didn’t believe that what Christians had been telling you was true.  They told you of a perfect place for those who believe and that Jesus was coming soon to take his own, with Him.  That day you realize that they were taken there, and you are left here in a world where God seems to have abandoned you.  He is nowhere to be found.  There is nobody to tell you the way to make things right with Him.  You feel more alone than you ever have.

Who do you trust when right is wrong, and wrong is right?  What is the use of being good anymore?  That group of people trying to pull the world to the right is gone.  Years pass, and you find that there really was a group that God left here for us to answer all those desperate questions.  There is a light in the night that has begun to pull people back to God.  This group is warning of things to come.  They offer a way to be with Jesus.  You decide you will be ready the next time the world finds itself in a desperate crisis.

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